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I could feel my heart breaking every second that you spend away from me,

Shivers down my spine,
Tingling feelings in my breast.
I can’t say what I mean,
I miss you isn’t enough.
I crave you,
No, that’s not right either.
With each sigh I let a little bit of you out
And yet,
Here you are taking up residence in my temple.
You’re the fuel that keeps my heart burning.
The motivation I feed on.
Without you my soul would shrivel up like a grape left out in the sun,
Endless desires waiting in the folds.
I wish you would part your lips and bite into me for a taste of sweet.
I’ll feel faint for a second,
Having my juices sucked out of me.
And then, we’d be one.
Let me come.
Let me feel your insides entangled with mine.
Don’t you see?
I need you,
For now and always.
– Shammy 3/3/12 1:59am

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