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You stand alone, through darkness and in light,

Grounded and able.

I look to you for guidance,

For direction.

Please, show me the way.

Shine bright, so that I may reach you.

The storms try with all their might

To bruise you, to break you

But there you are, standing tall and strong

Never to fall.

You keep to yourself, lonely and unafraid,

Apart, but essential.

Oh pillar of light, teach me not worship or fright from your might,

And I will seek you as the hummingbird seeks flight.

– Shammy 3/12/12 10:32pm


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It breaks my heart to know that you are not well.

In my happiness, I forgot to think of you.

Now I can feel everything falling apart again.

The roof over my head has cracked,

And the leaks have brought heartache.

My windows shutter as the winds howl.

The rain has begun.

There’s a hurricane coming.

At least I had a friend before.

I didn’t appreciate it, nope, not one bit.

I wanted more, I wanted you to love me.

Now I am alone, how will I brave the storm?

Living in my broken home, in my failed life I think of you.

Sad, alone and afraid.

In my happiness,

I forgot to think of you.

– Shammy 3/12/12 4:57am

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I’m dead to myself now.

You asked me to promise you one thing,

That I will take care of myself.

How can I?

I’m dead to me.


I had so many dreams.

I wanted to run off with you,

Live a life abroad,

Discovering things,

Experiencing them,

With you.

That’s what it was, a dream.

How can someone like me ever hope to find a place in the heart of someone like you?

You, who is so perfect.

You don’t even know it.

Perhaps that’s part of the charm.


How can I love you?

What can I offer you, when I have nothing left?

I don’t know how to fight this.

One step at a time, you said.

But how can I?

My limbs won’t go.

I can feel it, always walking in place.

I’ve walked miles and miles but I’m not any closer.

“What am I gonna do with you,” you say. “What am I gonna do?”

– Shammy 3/12/12 3:38am

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