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There’s a sparrow in the distance.

Tiny little creature,

Hopping about, around a puddle in mud.

What a perfect shot for the start of a film.

-Shammy 4/28/12


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Its a sad, sad day when infatuation wears off.

It was easy.

All you had to do, was smile.

Now its turned upside down, and I’m sure its all my fault.

I care too much. Mind too much. Let you in too much. Feel too much.

Much, much more than I wanted to feel.

It was fun before,


Like a dream,

But then I woke and it was still dark out.

-Shammy 4/15/12 11:02pm


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“And never have I felt so deeply at one and at the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world.” – Albert Camus

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In the Dark

There’s a silhouette, of a man, tucked behind my eyelids.

I see him every night when I try to shut them.

He taunts me,

Coming closer,

Getting bigger and bigger.

I don’t know who he is and why he torments me so.

– Shammy 4/12/12 4:36pm


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Its enough to just lay in the grass with you,

Looking up at the troubled skies,

The clouds falling down on us,

My hand in yours.

Its enough to feel your skin against mine,

Your fingers on my belly,

Your lips slightly parted.

Its enough to see you smile,

At a joke I failed to deliver.

We can tune it all out,

And live in this tiny bubble

That’s bigger than my worlds ever been.

Be aware that I would feel every moment…

And a kiss,

A kiss from you would mean so much more than just a kiss.

Take me to the depths of your heart

And leave me there.

Anywhere you are is just perfect.

I don’t need anything more

Than just you.

– Shammy 4/1/12 6:50am

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