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When the air begins to change in New York

from blistering cold to lukewarm

the way ice water pumped up, from beneath the dirt

hits your humidity drenched face

in Bangladesh on a summer morning

while beads of sweat cling from your back

and cats lie with legs outstretched on the veranda,

smoke and the smell of roti catching you, welcoming,

I stop waiting for the bus —

And stroll down cement sidewalks,

past frame houses with colorful shutters and small yards

under the shade of green ash,

the corner deli filled with students craving grease to stuff their faces

and sex, drooling

not paying attention to street lights

or stop signs

or school boys passing their rubber balls,

smiling to myself

filling the air with compliments

remembering conversations that never happened,

wishing they had.

– Shammy 3/20/13 4:33pm


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When I was eight we took a bus,
My classmates and I
Screaming in joy every time we hit a bump
Across the bridge, through the next town, and then the next
Past green and yellow lanterns lit in the sky

Against silver clouds clouded with grey
Till we reached the home of the blue heron.

“If we are lucky we will see one today,” said Ms. Strapoli.

Trampling and trespassing through the trees with our tiny feet
We inspected,
Past the tall stalks of emerald green grass
that lost their blades in the rain,
Muddy darkness clumped on the ground,
the sky


grew heavier still with anticipation,
All the while we searched for that curious creature
My equal in height but not in mind
Painted blue for us to find.

– Shammy 12/8/12

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Loving someone and being in love is two different things.

I miss the later.

Sometimes I glimpse it, but only sometimes

And then its gone, just as fast as it came.

– Shammy 5/1/12 6:21pm

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It covers the top of trees

As I step out into the night,

Creating quite the cleansing effect.

Masked and unseen darkness,

Covered by layers of tiny droplets.

The water renews the city,

Washes away the offenses of yesterday.

People are not so forgiving,

As nature might seem.

You’ve offended my entire being.

There can be no forgiveness in that.

– Shammy 3/16/12 9:47pm

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You stand alone, through darkness and in light,

Grounded and able.

I look to you for guidance,

For direction.

Please, show me the way.

Shine bright, so that I may reach you.

The storms try with all their might

To bruise you, to break you

But there you are, standing tall and strong

Never to fall.

You keep to yourself, lonely and unafraid,

Apart, but essential.

Oh pillar of light, teach me not worship or fright from your might,

And I will seek you as the hummingbird seeks flight.

– Shammy 3/12/12 10:32pm

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“The morning wind spreads its fresh smell. We must get up and take that in, that wind that lets us live. Breathe before its gone.”- Rumi

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