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I went to the beach that day

And I came upon a black shell.

It wasn’t like all the other shells,

It wasn’t sticking out, or glistening in light,

It was just another shell.


I went to the water and dunked my head in.

Couldn’t breathe for a second when the cold came.

The waves were brutal,

But I let the blue cleanse over the tiny little person of me,

Till I couldn’t feel my toes, and then my feet.

I walked on the broken shells just beyond the shore.

I knew that it hurt but I couldn’t feel it much anymore.

What I would give to let your passing by.


The presence of you in everything I do,

Are like the waves,

So much greater so in the light of the moon.

What can you tell me about the depths of the ocean?

You held back everything you ever had.

Strong guarded it with your life.

I’m sorry for what they did to you when they could,

But couldn’t you see?

Everything you gave me I gave back twofold.

You didn’t see it.

They never do, not until it isn’t there for them to see anymore.


Everywhere I went it was there, just over my shoulder

A little to the right, sometimes to the left.

But there it was,


Sucking the energy  from the sun

And devouring it.


I went to the beach that day,

And I found this black shell,

A mnemonic of fond memories

It was as if it called out to me.

I went to it finally, for the last time.

Braced myself to say goodbye,

Looked out into the horizon of nothingness,

So ready to leave it behind

I was

But somehow, it found its way to the inside of my bag instead.


– Shammy 7/14/12 5:05am


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Walking through the darkness,

Sometimes the lights shining from above show you the way.

It isnt natural.

Not in New York,

The city decides what you see.

Isn’t that right?

Always in the shadow of someone else,

How could you not be?

There isn’t space for you here!

– Shammy 4/27/12 11:34am

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Loving someone and being in love is two different things.

I miss the later.

Sometimes I glimpse it, but only sometimes

And then its gone, just as fast as it came.

– Shammy 5/1/12 6:21pm

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There’s a sparrow in the distance.

Tiny little creature,

Hopping about, around a puddle in mud.

What a perfect shot for the start of a film.

-Shammy 4/28/12

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Its enough to just lay in the grass with you,

Looking up at the troubled skies,

The clouds falling down on us,

My hand in yours.

Its enough to feel your skin against mine,

Your fingers on my belly,

Your lips slightly parted.

Its enough to see you smile,

At a joke I failed to deliver.

We can tune it all out,

And live in this tiny bubble

That’s bigger than my worlds ever been.

Be aware that I would feel every moment…

And a kiss,

A kiss from you would mean so much more than just a kiss.

Take me to the depths of your heart

And leave me there.

Anywhere you are is just perfect.

I don’t need anything more

Than just you.

– Shammy 4/1/12 6:50am

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I let the plants on my window sill die,

Because they reminded me of him

And all his bullshit.

That was before summer.


The tree I painted in black on my wall had no leaves.

For the longest time,

It was a winter tree.


Now the vase on my table sits empty.

I’ve been meaning to buy flowers

But it seems, it isn’t the right time.

– Shammy 3/26/12 8:42am

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There’s so much in this tiny little head of mine.

So many thoughts, so much pain.

I have countless things still left to do,

People still left to make happy.

It’s the end of a long day in New York.

“You’re not alone in this,” they said.

“I’m proud of you.” You said.

I’m so tired, Dilip.

It’s day one, and I am so tired.

– Shammy 3/14/12

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