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We are so dramatic.
It is water that runs through us,
The mucus that clogs my lungs
The headaches
The cracks
All fixed by a tall clear glass.

The thirst.

Do you thirst?
You will when you see all that I can do
But I won’t feed you
Your heart is one that cannot be cleansed.

Frozen beauties,
Lost in time
Condensed in memory
Is all that will be remembered in the end.

 – Shammy 10/23/12 10:16am


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And I spent two days laying in your sheets, unable to breathe, unable to speak, unable to smile but you caressed me and fed me and lay with me till I was better again. My mouth foul with bacteria but still you kissed my lips, held me to your heart and in the end I don’t think it was the medication or the ice cream, or the food you made for me, but it was your love, your touch, your attention that rid my heart and lungs of disease and brought me back to prosper by your side. – Shammy 10/22/12 5:05am

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It is usually the pain of being alive that drives pen and paper together, in my case
But there you are sat in front of your piano
Placing your fingers so effortlessly atop those black and white keys
Your back straight
Your lips in a frown
Your brow all scrunched up
While your fingers dance.
They seem to have a mind of their own,
Like you
Like your eye for perfection
Like your eye for me.
What a misfit pair we are,
Your music, your biggest frustration, your greatest love
And my poetry, that only shines when I am not.
Frustrated artists,
We’ll have no money.
Art is designated for the rich,
Those children whose parents prepared themselves so that their children may dream.
I don’t have the luxury,
I will have to work my forty hours
At a job any monkey can do.
I will have to suppress the creativity
So I don’t die from boredom,
Like you are now
At your 9 to 5.
You should be with a lawyer
And I should find myself a rich doctor,
Who is brown like me
And we should sneak away together
In our dreams
Sleeping next to our respectable counterparts,
But you have too much faith in us
To let me run wild with the ideas of my mother.
So here I am
Sitting in your bed, back against the headboard
Wearing your red button down
Munching on the sweet lotus fruit filled Chinese bun you brought home,
With my flushed cheeks and my light heart
I write this love song for you.
–         Shammy  9/14/12 8:10pm

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I feel too much now to speak of hate.

I will not hold you any longer,

in my heart, in my life.

Fleeting moments

Like the sand that disappears beneath my feet

When the current pulls it,

Was she your current?

I’ll never know…

But there’s water now, in my throat

And I can’t speak.

– Shammy 8/29/12 10:37pm


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Pieces, pieces

Tiny little pieces

That’s all thats left.

– Shammy 8/22/12 6:54am

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You tried so little

So late

All words

I hung onto

Then let down

Was that all my worth?


A man

Defined by his actions, by his deeds

Two months later you are sorry

For the year.


Maybe I should’ve spoken up,

Maybe you should’ve listened

To the silence in my eyes

The subtle emptiness that sucked the blood

And left the bones

For dogs to feed

Bellies, to infect.

– Shammy 8/22/12 5:32am

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Broken shells cut into the bottoms of my feet.

I walk out into the horizon, the divide that separates the skies and seas.

Waves keep rolling in,

Breaking into a frenzy,

Crashing against my skin.

Bracing myself

on the sand that slips away between my toes.

I reach for your hand

Only you are not there

And I cannot swim. 

– Shammy

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