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In Bangladesh, there are such things as Bhooths; they are like spirits but not quite. Allah made man and he also made jeen. Jeens are people who don’t have shadows. They are living with us but they are not the same; they are magical and can disappear at any moment. Just like in the human race there is good and bad, jeens also have good and bad. Good jeens usually strive to learn and help people; the bad jeens are called bhooths. This is a story of not one bhooth, but twelve.


A beautiful-young woman in her early twenties was walking down a dirt path. It was sundown and the colors of the sky were darkening at her every step. There were tall coconut and banana trees on both sides of the path that cast huge shadows on the narrow trail she was walking down. It is very dangerous in Bangladesh, for a woman to walk alone at night through the “jungle” let alone with her long-black hair let loose. It caressed her back and added enormous beauty to her lovely face.  She passed a very peculiar looking tree; the roots and even the trunk bark were all twisted up. What she didn’t know was that the tree occupied twelve bhooths and upon seeing her great beauty they were filled with temptation.


After that day the woman became crazy. Everyone in the village could sense there was something seriously wrong with her, so they called four of the local priests to “cure” her. They prayed all night, sprinkling things on her till finally the bhooths had left her body. An old-wise woman quickly opened a bottle and trapped the twelve bhooths inside.


That bottle was later buried six feet under a tree in the village. That tree’s roots and bare bark is also twisted violently and whenever someone walks by they are filled with a strange shiver.


– Shammy 10/21/09


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